One day in Eindhoven

Weekend gateways are a must, I know for a long time. Although the weather was shitty at the first weekend of december, getting up at 4 wasn't a problem because I had a ticket to Eindhoven (landed in Maastricht Airport, but that's another story). You've already seen the photos on the website, but all of them was shot on Canon 6D and I shot 2 rolls of film as well. The first I had in the Yashica was the cheap Fujicolor C200, and I had an Ilford FP4 plus125 in my bag. The Ilford was shot at iso320 but got developed +2, and the photos didn't get too dark! Enjoy and experiment!

Yashica Electro 35gsn, Fujicolor C200

Yashica Electro 35gsn, Ilford FP4 Plus125 @iso320


Expired Kodak Professional BW400cn

The week of firsts. With my new scanner had the opportunity to finally see the photos from this roll. I have no idea when was the expiration date, bought 5 rolls and this is the first one. Shot at iso 400, maybe next time I try one step lower. I prefer the black and contrast of the Ilford films, but completely worth one try. Some of the photos have totally different colours, it can be because of the scan, it's straight from the scanner, no post-production. And as I write this post, I sold my Chinon, so this was my last roll with it :( time to move on!

Chinon CM 4-s, Kodak Professional BW400cn