One day in Eindhoven

Weekend gateways are a must, I know for a long time. Although the weather was shitty at the first weekend of december, getting up at 4 wasn't a problem because I had a ticket to Eindhoven (landed in Maastricht Airport, but that's another story). You've already seen the photos on the website, but all of them was shot on Canon 6D and I shot 2 rolls of film as well. The first I had in the Yashica was the cheap Fujicolor C200, and I had an Ilford FP4 plus125 in my bag. The Ilford was shot at iso320 but got developed +2, and the photos didn't get too dark! Enjoy and experiment!

Yashica Electro 35gsn, Fujicolor C200

Yashica Electro 35gsn, Ilford FP4 Plus125 @iso320