Shooting film while traveling

Just got back two rolls developed from my latest trips. I shot a roll of Ilford Pan 400 black and white in Maastricht, Netherlands. I love it, it was almost a month ago and see the photos for the first time, brought back a lot of memories. I've never used this film, but i really like the grain and the contrast. Have to stock up, since I was searching it and couldn't find on the Ilford website, only on eBay or Amazon. 

Shot color film a long time ago, so I figured out going to Malta is a perfect occasion. I was curious how is the cheapest film I can find. The Fujicolor C200 is an absolute bargain, I was fascinated about it. Perfect for the sunshine, has a good vibe. Have already bought a pack of 10, but it's better for summer than at this time of the year. 

Both shot with Chinon CM-4s with the AutoChinon 50mm f1.9 on it. I really like to know, that this pictures will last forever and I have them physically in my drawer.